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Every day, government workers serve the public without the resources—and the appreciation—their important work deserves. That’s why offices in cities across the country love Romulus—it helps them get more done, in less time, and to more constituent applause.

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Government Software Solution

Software can help these hardworking teams streamline their work and delight constituents. But the vendor community has largely offered hard-to-use, hard-to-implement, and hard-to-purchase private sector software rather than building something from the ground up.

Until now.

Romulus by Seneca Systems is a Constituent Services Platform that government workers use to centralize constituent communications, streamline service request management, and reports on constituent trends and work performed.

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“I almost cried when I saw how much our feedback informed the next iteration of their product. They not only listened; they also turned our feedback into product enhancements we could never have envisioned.”

Rebecca Woodbury
Senior Management Analyst
San Rafael

San Rafael, CA

San Rafael, CA is appropriately called “The City with a Mission,” with a governing team driven to provide the highest quality of service to constituents.

San Rafael achieves success with a progressive approach supported by modern software like Romulus, used as their Constituent Services Platform for managing communications, service requests, and reporting.

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Not your usual vendor. Learn about the Seneca Difference.

Seneca Systems was founded to strengthen the vital bond between the government and its people—and our bold mission requires bold principles to match. Senecans are their customers biggest supporters, and this company was built to realize that every day.

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