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We’re Seneca. Nice to meet you!

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Hello, world. We’re Seneca Systems. It’s nice to meet you!

3 years ago, inspired by the amazing work that local governments do, we set out to identify their hair-on-fire problem and address it.

Today, we’re nationally launching our Constituent Services Platform, Romulus—and we’re pretty sure it does just that. I’m here to share why this problem is important, and how we’re helping cities address it.

Every day in cities everywhere, government workers are serving constituents without the resources—and appreciation—their important work deserves. That government workers are overworked and underserved is not a secret, but a few recent developments have made these challenges even tougher.

First, the number of ways that constituents have to get in touch with government has exploded. No longer limited to in-person visits and phone calls, constituents are texting, emailing, Facebooking, Twitter DMing, and more—creating a tidal wave of communications to address. Second, modern “consumer constituents” have ever-higher expectations of response times and service delivery, used as they are to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Seamless—but government workers have the same old tools available to meet these expectations: pens, Post-Its, and spreadsheets.

Without tools to support them, teams have to work unimaginably hard to manage communications across dozens of channels, navigate maze-like processes for fulfilling constituent requests, and continue on with virtually no visibility into constituent opinions on major issues and any of the work they’ve performed.

The result is a set of dedicated, capable, and organized government workers—who, despite these qualities developed in strenuous circumstances, still end up with disappointed and aggravated constituents.

Software can help these workers! But the vendor community has responded with hard-to-use, hard-to-implement, and hard-to-purchase software sold on long-term contracts that create a lot of risk for cities who buy them. Many of these technologies also retrofit private sector software to fit the government workflow rather than building something from the ground up.

And so, Romulus was born. Constituent Services Platforms are software that government workers use to do more with less overhead, and to more constituent applause. Romulus centralizes all constituent communications into Inbox, a single view for phone calls, emails, social media messages, walk-ins, web forms, and more (it even enables text messaging!). It organizes Service Requests across departments as they are processed. It tracks Community Issues, offering insight into constituent comments on major issues in their communities. And once work is done, Analytics illuminates unseen trends, victories, and issues for government workers and leadership.

Nearly 30 cities leverage Romulus to manage their day-to-day constituent work, using it in Departments of Public Works, City Councils, Parks and Recreation, Mayoral offices, Police Departments, City Manager offices, and more. And because these are real, paying customers they’ve tested Romulus to its limits, giving critical feedback and playing a huge role in building a Constituent Services Platform that not only works, but actually helps them put the fire in their hair out. We’re grateful to these leading cities for investing in our relationship and for delivering such amazing constituent services. Without them, we wouldn’t be ready to rock with Romulus rolling out in cities across the country.

Their willingness to let us into the trenches with them has had a special side effect: Attracting some of the best and brightest talent Silicon Valley has to offer. The Senecan team today is small but mighty, and is dedicated to taking government from underserved to “served by the best”. It’s this team and their passion that attracted our standout investors, who just joined us in our $3.5 million Series Seed. With this capital, and with the amazing cities using Romulus every day, we are ready to take on 2018.

We have a message to the dedicated government folks out there hustling: we’re here to serve. We can’t wait to meet each and every one of you.