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Government workers get more work done with Romulus. They do it in less time, with less overhead, and to more constituent applause using a triple-threat approach that helps with communications, service request management, and reporting.

Romulus centralizes constituent communications into a single, seamless workflow, be that over the phone, email, or social media. It organizes service request management and communications across departments as requests are processed. And once the work is done, it illuminates unseen trends, victories, and issues.

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Constituent communications are varied, arriving via social media, email, phone calls, text messages, and even walk-ins. This drains the time that government workers can spend on any given communication as they jump between platforms. This fractured approach doesn’t reward hard-working government workers with the constituent appreciation they deserve.

Centralize all communications, no matter the source, into a single, seamless view
Reply to communications directly in Romulus, and see replies delivered to constituents through their medium of choice
Log phone calls to constituents in Romulus automatically
Accept text messages so that constituents can get in touch with ease
Archive communications for review at any time in the future
Service management

Service Request Management

A significant portion of constituent communications turn into service requests, which government workers must track as they are sent to the right departments and processed. Managing service requests through complex channels and keeping constituents up to date on progress creates enormous overhead.

Create service requests directly from communications
Manage a single workflow for all current service requests
Assign service requests to other workers, or email and share them between departments
Tag service requests that they can be sorted and viewed by type
Opt-in to reminders and alerts to easily keep constituents up-to-date on work progress
Archive service requests when complete for later reporting or review


A lack of visibility into communications and service requests means that government workers and leadership can’t report on trends and work performed. This limits recognition of important trends and prevents leadership from seeing strong performances by team members. Worse, communications that don’t turn into service requests—for example, that pertain to legislative or policy issues—can go unseen when they are useful.

Create issue reports about major policy, governance, and legislative issues facing constituencies
Create issue comments directly from communications and attach them to reports
Bucket communications, service requests, and issues by type to see patterns in constituent services and address them before they become problems
Build work reports that demonstrate the work that government workers are doing and constituent satisfaction achieved
Obtain all reports out of the box without any complex configuration


Using Romulus, teams of government workers delight constituents and get more done.


Nothing slips through the cracks—and constituents notice.

Easy-to-manage communications mean that teams can be responsive to constituents every time, at a fraction of the time and cycles required today.


Constituent service becomes more manageable and rewarding.

Streamlined service request management allows government workers to shine, increasing productivity and reaffirming the impact of their public service.


Strong work and must-know trends are now visible and actionable.

Out-of-the-box reporting offers instant insights into constituent trends and service performance, allowing recognition of great work and trends to be corrected before they’re problems.

Seneca Systems'

Commitment to Security

Seneca uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that customer data is backed up throughout the day.

Security isn’t just important—it’s essential, and Seneca’s multi-pronged approach ensures that customers and their data are always protected.

Seneca adheres to industry-leading standards across the organization from networks to employee access policies and beyond.

Protected on the wire

Data is encrypted in-flight using the highest encryption standard available, AES-256. All information that government workers and constituents provide is protected using this technology.

Rock-solid Infrastructure

Seneca’s servers are hosted in physically secure locations that are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained security. Access is authorized strictly on a least-privileged basis.

Infrastructure changes are fully audited, including granular reports of any changes as well as the user who made those changes.

Always Protected

Seneca keeps a real-time audit log of all data access and data changes, and are constantly monitoring it for unusual activity.

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