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Introducing Romulus.
Respond to constituent needs faster and more confidently than ever before.
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Streamline communications.
Today’s constituents want to be able to get in touch with you across their favorite medium, so don’t make them download your mobile app (most won’t).
No matter how you’re contacted (a phone call, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, or email message), Romulus collects everything and makes responding a snap.
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Plan with confidence.
It’s time to start turning constituent trends into important opportunities for your city before they ever have a chance to become problems.
Easily collect feedback on these issues and let Romulus build actionable data that you can use to drive and justify policy decisions.
Deliver excellent service.
Letting service requests fall through the cracks is simply unacceptable in a world where constituents expect prompt, appropriate, and efficient responses to their needs.
Romulus makes it easy to properly record, delegate and complete service requests—all while keeping constituents content.

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E pluribus unum.

We live in an age of fractured communication platforms, and every constituent has her own favorite means of getting in touch. Fortunately for you, Romulus handles this vast wilderness on your behalf, and wrestles it into a single communication stream that is easy to manage.

  • Collect phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media messages in one place.
  • Turn inbound communications into service requests or comments on city-wide issues.
  • Quickly respond to inquiries, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Let's get social in the modern age.

Nowadays, it's critical that municipalities have Twitter and Facebook pages for managing direct outreach to their constituents. Now you can connect these pages and accounts directly into Romulus, so that you can converse effectively with myriad parties without ever leaving the app.

  • Connect city Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Send responses directly from Romulus.
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Don't forget about the classics.

Alexander Graham Bell's first message across the telegraph was "What hath God wrought?", and we're sure this is a sentiment still echoed in the halls of local government when staff members think of the thousands of calls they receive each year. Luckily, Romulus has you covered: by piggy-backing on your existing phone lines, it can directly log and even optionally record phone calls as they come in.

  • Log, record, and connect phone calls to constituents in your database automatically.
  • Accept text messages to your phone line so that constituents who prefer not to speak to humans can get in touch with ease.
  • Create as many new phone numbers as you want, and forward them to existing lines. Want a new phone number just for a single initiative? Romulus makes it a snap.

Organize and work effectively.

Communications to a city are organized into two categories: service requests and issues. A service request is a unit of work that needs to be performed, and issues are more general concerns facing your city. Constituents often call in needing a pothole filled, or wanting to comment on some new initiative you’ve started. Romulus makes it easy to work on both.

  • Easily create service requests from communications, and track their progress from start to finish, thus ensuring nothing goes into a “black hole” with no accountability.
  • Give constituents links to a public status page where they can track the progress of their service requests over time.
  • Record and study comments from constituents about broader issues facing your city, and ensure constituents know that you’re listening.
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Embrace actual insight into your data.

Want to know how your city stands on a particular issue? Need to generate a weekly report of outstanding service requests, grouped by the kind of work being performed? WIth Romulus, nothing could be easier.

  • Record how constituents feel about issues in your city, and see a tally of support or opposition over time.
  • Export any and all of your data in bulk as Excel spreadsheets for further processing.
  • Generate PDF reports of service requests or issues for consumption in team meetings, or send them off to other departments who need access to the information but aren't on Romulus.

We're here to help.

Great support is in our marrow here at Seneca Systems, and we’re always available to chat completely free of charge. You'll also receive constant updates to Romulus completely free as well. In fact, we use your feedback to help make the software stronger and more effective for you.

  • In-app support is available at all times.
  • You'll speak to an actual human being every time you need help.
  • There are no support contracts or fees.
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