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Seneca Systems Values

Bold missions require bold principles to match.

Be a lighthouse for the customer.
Public service is important, good, and hard work, and government workers carry heavy loads in service of their communities. We understand their challenges better than anyone and build solutions that guide customers to—and lighten the burden of—outstanding service.
Show up and care.
At Seneca, it’s not “just a job”—it’s a passion, and every team member has to be engaged for us to be the engine behind more vibrant communities. Therefore, we go above and beyond to provide Senecans the resources they need to keep their fire lit, and remove any obstacles in their way.
Have strong opinions,  loosely held.
We believe in the importance of evidence-based solutions, and reject dogmatism. We hold strong opinions (particularly in our swim lanes) but are willing to drop them when faced with better data.
Speak up, with respect.
We highly value directness because this is a place where words, money, and time are carefully spent. However, this is not an excuse to be rude, insensitive, or alienating. Be clear, but not a jerk.
Set the stage for diversity.
Diverse perspectives are the foundation of our ability to execute on the Seneca mission. Achieving diversity takes legwork, structure, and intention, all of which the Seneca team invests in at every level of the company.
Hire and develop the best.
For Seneca to successfully support government organizations, it needs to transform the market from underserved to “served by the best.” That means always hiring the right people and doing what it takes to develop them. More challenging, it also means acting quickly when there isn’t a good fit between Seneca and a Senecan.
Earn trust and maintain it.
Great products don’t exist without long-term relationships with colleagues and customers. Relationships require trust, which all Senecan leaders earn from the top down by operating transparently when reasonable and honestly when not.
Stay weird, Senecans.
Seneca has a “hard-to-describe” flavor all its own, driven by the individual weirdness and curiosity of every Senecan. The culture that results is something special because we do our thing our way, both at work and beyond.